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I’m taking a break.



Never regret a day in your life:

Good days give happiness,

bad days give experience,

worse days give lessons,

and best days give memories.

Let the journey begin


1 days to 50

Almost there

I’ve had a hard time blogging and doing anything social media lately. I only know a handful of people, and I have small hands, so sometimes it makes me feel lonely to post. Not lonely and depressed about it, just lonely. All I need when this happens is to remember I do the things I do because I like to do them. It’s fun to share experiences but I do the things I do because I enjoy doing them. Traveling in Knitwit (van) makes me feel amazing. It’s small and has everything I need or want in it. I’ve decided that my birthday is all about a year of traveling in it. So after Friday I’m going to focus on blogging about my travels, big and small. Just back from trip to Portland for some more work on my sleeve. I’m trying really hard to only do the things that bring me happiness. It’s a hard path. Sometimes you have to go through the sadness to get to the happiness. I’m ready to be 50 and grateful to be alive.


39 days to 50


Zima enjoying the sunshine while I work on my rainbow trout sock. Picked up some fresh ink Portland. Thank you Anna


43 days to 50

Rainbow trout

Thought it was time I finished my second sock! Why is the second sock always so difficult?!


45 days to 50


Finished my test knit for Paige

This was a fun knit and a well written pattern. Pretty sure I never want to do the trinity stitch again though, lol. So much trinity!

Zima had her first sleepover in the Knitwit and did really well. Funny how Katie, RIP, and Zima sit the same while they’re co piloting.


63 days to 50

I’m taking a time out from blogging.

I can’t find the words and everything I want to say feels too personal. I could fluff it over with knitting but I can do the same on my Instagram without so many words. Going to journal instead and find my way. I’ll be back. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


78 days to 50

So so hard to be consistent!

I really want to consistent. I’ve pulled back from a lot of the clutter in my physical space as well as my mental space. If it doesn’t make me feel good I don’t need it. So here’s a quick catch up;

Finished another Afrato cowl and started another. This is such a mindless pattern that I think I’ll always have one going in the back ground.

I’ve sewn the ends in the rows that are complete. Still about 1080 more squares to go.

And this happened. This is Zima (winter). She’s a 12 week old Blue Heeler. I’m in love❤️

So today’s card was Initiation, reversed. What do I think this means for me today? Patience, constancy and perseverance. Stay centered. It’s all about Zima. Do not rob myself of the true present. This moment will never happen again.


98 days to 50

Feeling relieved as I finally finished my mermaid tail lapgan. The recipient comes homes around the end of the month and I’m excited for her to snuggle into it. It’ll be perfect with her mermaid themed cabin in Nova Scotia. The pattern was based off Angie Hartley’s Mermaid Tail Lap Blanket, except the flipper. I did not like the flipper as it was written in the pattern. Took my three flippers to figure out the right stitches to use. All in all I’m super happy with it. I wish the sparkles showed in the photo but trust me it sparkles!

I also have a finished photo of my GNight cap. Pattern credit Glenna C. The only modification I made besides the tassel was increasing the stitches and using smaller needles. I would knit this again.


100 days to 50

The last two days were spend trying to figure out how to do the tail for the mermaid lapgan I’ve been working on. It’s fucking killing me that I can’t get it figured out. Christmas is put away but I haven’t gotten much else done because of this tail!!!! Taking a few moments to chill in my Zen den and then back at it.


103 days to 50

It was like giving birth but I finally finished, with the exception of the tassel, my GNight cap! Super soft, hand dyed Alpaca. Notes about it tomorrow😴 I’ve noticed I tend to leave a lot, like 30 browser windows open on my phone. I’ll see something and think, “Oh I’ll read that later.” Etc, and rarely do. I’ve decided if I find something interesting I need to look at it right then and there. I think I’ve been doing the opposite of going down the rabbit hole. No more then 3 browser windows open. It’s a good thing🤓


104 days to 50

Today I decided to put Christmas away. I normally wait until after New Years to do it but it felt right to do it tonight. I don’t make New Years resolutions per say, I make New Years intentions. Focusing back on what worked, what didn’t and what I completely fucked up on. 😔

I did really well with self care today….until I drink 6 beers. There’s always tomorrow right?!

I’ve two knitting projects I’d like to finish before the new year;

This is a mermaid tail lapgan for a beautiful women I have much respect for. It’s her theme for a cottage she’s remodeling in Nova Scotia. When I’m done it’ll be complete with a flipper.

I also got distreacted by a simple night cap pattern as I had the perfect yarn for it. Loving the way the colors flow together.

Went to the grocery store in my slippers today, by accident and I didn’t really care, but it was funny.


105 days to 50

About me

In the past I have been described as, amazing, inspiring, courageous, incredible, strong and a fighter. I’m sure theres a few more adjectives that have been used but those are the ones that stand out. I did not feel like any of those things at the time, I felt nothing. In the course of two months, summer 2013, I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting  Multiple Sclerosis and advanced breast cancer. I decided to become a runner, right in the middle of the chaos, I…….decided to become a runner. I found a half marathon that fit into my timing between chemo and surgery, I had 7 months during chemo to get ready, it was all I could think about, running would save my life.


Run like a kid, March 30, 2014

Run Like A Girl wrote;

Yesterday at our race we met someone so incredibly inspiring! She came from across the border to run our half marathon. She was recently diagnosed with MS and breast cancer. She is in a 2 week break from her chemotherapy before her double mastectomy on Tuesday. She ran the run with a photo of Caleb in her hand, the child who lost his life to brain cancer that we did this run for. She said she held his hand the whole time. Her strength and spirit are unbreakable… She is a truly incredible woman. We are deeply inspired.

A very dear friend Tim Hanowell wrote the following;

Danelle Murphy does not just look fear in the eye, she walks up to fears front door and knocks it down. She walks in, looks around, and before she sits in fears favorite chair and puts her muddy running shoes on fears furniture, she slaps fear right in the face and says, my name is Danelle now get me a beer!

So who am I? I’m a badass, lol. I love to knit and I loved to run. Time to dust off my sneakers and get back at it!

Who will I be at 50?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked to turn 50. I would however like to be a healthier version of who I am now. I’d like to spend the next 105 leaving cancer and MS behind me. Dust that shit off me and move forward. I can be my own worst enemy sometimes. Okay, most of the time. I need to love myself and do the things that make me feel good inside and out. Depression has been a huge issue for me. I find it takes hold when I’m at my weakest. Not eating healthy, not exercising, not meditating and drinking too much. It’s a struggle because what I need isn’t always perceived as a 🐰fun🐰lifestyle to those around me. The best version of myself is yet to come.

I’ll post a few pictures of my current WIPs tomorrow as well as my thoughts on how I’m going to get where I want to be. 105 days to declutter my life. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go brush my 🦄



Keep going