Knitting like crazy


Home Office Complete

Not a bad view from my office! 



Time slips away

I’ve been working on a post but have been distracted. Hopefully this beautiful weather holds and I’ll find the headspace to finish it. I’ll leave you with the view out my window this morning. Feeling grateful!



Storm watch


Dec 17, 2012

4.6 miles at Barnum Point tonight. Light rain but the wind held off. There is now a High wind warning and a coastal flooding warning for tomorrow early. High tide along with low pressure. The last major storm was Feb 2012 with a high tide of 12.9, this tide will be 13.6. This is what my yard looked like after the last storm. It’s going to be a bumping morning!



Pinch me! No don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up

Watched a family of otters skim their way through the water tonight as the sun was setting. Crabbing opens 7:00am on Friday, I’ll take the boat out and drop pots before work. Not really minding the 100 mile drive, ontop of driving all day, when I get to come home to this. I took all the camping gear out of the Bronco, don’t think I’ll feel the need to camp this summer:)
Yes.....another sunset


Good night!

Can't wait until the weekend:)


A real kitchen

New kitchen with a view:)


View from outside the bedroom

New blog category:)

New view