Chevron Baby Blanket

Ends sewn in, washed and blocking the points. I’m pleased with how this turned out but it took me way longer then I wanted to finish it. I stalled out on my knitting for a while. A few more small projects I’d like to finish before the New Year but for the most part I’m cleaning up my needles and stash in preparation for some fun new projects. I have enough yarn left over to knit a few baby hats and a little sweater but I’m really done with this yarn so I’ll stick it with the rest of my leftovers.



Oh noooooooo

I’m feeling really behind on this blanket. I’m putting pressure on myself to finish my WIPs before New Years. So I’m knitting away on my chevron baby blanket and my circular needle cord breaks! I’m like “Shit!” I’ve always hated these needles. They have a tiny cheap ass plastic cord that connects them and as you knit it wedges itself into the piece that crews into the needle and gets weak. I had decided long ago that I was going to throw the whole set away when I was done with this blanket. I only have one size 2 circular needle, which is hard to believe if you saw all my needles, but it is what it is. I’ll do a post on my needles after I finish this dam blanket. I’ve about 20 more rows to do after I back out two rows. The stitches dropped when it broke and it happens to be right where stitches increase on one row and the decrease on the next. I was able to retrieve the rest of the stitches but those two dropped the few stitches on the rows below. It’s like ladder rungs. Anyway it’s too complicated for my patience to fix it as is so I’ll back out a few rows and reknit it. I knew that F’n needle was going to break!!! The messed up stitch in on the left and the right one is how it’s suppose to look.

IMG_8050 IMG_8051

Heres the break…

IMG_8043 IMG_8044

Yes, my nails might be blue. Don’t ask!



I had a dream. It involves knitting, kinda, wood stoves and simple living. I’ll save the erotic dream for a different post, or not:)

My dream starts with waking up early morning before first light. The house is cool but not cold and very quite. I rest my feet on a runner I had knit before heading to the kitchen to fire up the stove. Now bear in mind I do not or have ever had a wood stove with a cook top. I climb down the ladder from my loft and note to myself how uneven and soft the wood is under my feet. When I woke this left me wondering what kind of wood it was. The stove was still warm from the night before and the water in it was warm enough to make tea. I added some more wood to the stove and walked to the window, it was snowing. I woke up. Sounds short but every moment of it was vivid and clear. All my senses were alive. I have decided not to BE happy, I’ve decided I AM happy. Simple as that! Theres just not a reason to not be. It’s just life.

I searched long and hard to find a pattern that looked like what I had knit in my dream and this was as close as I could come. Look at all that color work. It’s now on my list to knit two for runners next to my bed. Yarn will be a tough choice as it will need to be washable and durable. Picking the colors will surely drive me mad!

IMG_4454_medium2 DSC_0243_medium2


Chevron Baby Blanket

This pattern was written by Danielle Romanetti.

I started this blanket quite a while ago. Life happens. I’m actually knitting for my daughters children, if she has any, she’s only 15 now. I thought I’d knit a few and have them sealed up to stay fresh. A little morbid but you never know. If she doesn’t have kids somebody will be happy to get them. I just started the pink chevrons and it’s knitting up a lot quicker then I remember. It should be done in the next couple days. I’m really wanting to finish up some WIPs before the New Year. The yarn Royal Alpakka by Dale of Norway, size 2 needles. I’ll be adding a light tan chevron set as well. I think I should have enough left over yarn to maybe knit a baby sweater or at least a few hats. Looks a little wonky but it will flatten out when I block it. Soooooooo soft!



I found a new blanket pattern

“There is nothing more satisfying than casting on and knitting.

Passing the yarn over the needle

reminds me of water flowing over a stone in a stream.

It s so soothing, relaxing and ultimately satisfying.

Your giving time back to yourself

– it’s like a kind of meditation.

Those who don’t knit have no idea what they are missing.’

~Brandon Mably

This pattern was written by Stephen West. You can find him at Ravelry and his blog West Knits. How I haven’t run across him before is beyond me. He’s brilliant! Wait, hold the phone, I just realized I have ran across him before….I knit this shawl a while back. Crazy how that works. I bought the yarn at my LYS and they gave me the pattern with it.


I love everything about this blanket. I will quest for the perfect yarn in the perfect colors. Working hard to finish up projects so I can start fresh for the new year. I’ll take better notes in 2015, I’m not getting any younger!

G-knits_Kex_MG_4426_medium2 G-knits_Kex_MG_4441_medium2 G-knits_Kex_MG_4474_medium2


Ticklepenny socks

 Oh my gosh….I love these socks! I must knit these socks. The pattern calls for lace weight sock yarn. Look how beautiful those tiny stitches are.


ticklepennyALT  ticklepennyBIG2

 So as a example the stitches in the left picture are normal sock weight yarn. The one on the right is Lace weight.

chinaTOEScreen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.23.27 PM

I have such a strong connection to knitting. I love everything about the process. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be so I’ve learned to take lots of notes, as I tend to change things about patterns, a lot. I always think I’ll remember what I’ve changed and then pound my head against the wall later. I (pound) can’t (pound) believe (pound) I (pound) forgot! Followed by tears. Then I come to my senses and continue with the second sock hoping it just comes to me as I knit, as it dd with the first sock.

The only difference between an experienced knitter and new knitter is that the experienced knitter makes bigger mistakes faster. Be bold; there are no terrible consequences in knitting.
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee