Quilt progress 

I’ve been working on my quilt. Been learning a lot about sewing as I’ve never done it before. I’ve made a few major changes that I’ll post about in detail later. Thought I should at least post something. You can check out the progress here; https://flickr.com/photos/24845040@N05/sets/72157651649345328



Every stitch brings you closer to the end

This post was originally published Oct 2012 but I felt it needed a re-read. This is why I want to do hand quilting, the process.

Knitting is a process craft. Anyone who sets out to knit with the sole objective of wearing the finished work will soon be disappointed. If a finished piece were the sole sum, one would purchase a mass-produced garment at the local mall for a fraction of the cost and time required to make a sweater. The true joy comes from discovering the individual beauty of each segment, the feeling of accomplishment when completing a particularly difficult section, and the sense of challenge that lurks as you plan the next project. In other words, knitting is like life. We have to enjoy the journey if we expect the destination to mean much.

Best of all, knitting is slow. So slow that we see the beauty inherent on every tiny act that makes up a sweater. So slow that we know the project’s not going to get finished today-it may not get finished for many months or longer-and thus, we make our peace with the unresolved nature of life. We slow down as we knit.

Many knit to find a sense of their own uniqueness, to be reminded that they, too, are creative beings. Each garment reflects its unique moment in time and is as singular in its construction as the person who knit it – an image of its creator’s spirit.
Thank you Bernadette



Denim piecework quilt

I may be a little bit crazy! I’ve decided to make a quilt with all the old denim I’ve been dragging around for years. I’ll still knit, I love knitting, but I always knew it was going to evolve into quilting. My love for snuggly blankets etc has lead me to realize quilted ones are going to last a lot longer then knit ones. I tend to choose hand wash only knits made with natural fibers. That means when I knit a blanket the cost is in the range of $500-$1000, all for something I have to hand wash and take good care of. Thats tricky with pets. I’m sure I’ll still knit a few here and there but for the time being I’ll stick with smaller knit projects, socks, hats, mittens, dish towels and sweaters. I’ve decided on a window pane design with pretty fabric tucked into denim circles with the edges left to fray. I need about 1200 circles, give or take 100. I’ve cut out 700 so far, blister for my trouble. Then I’ll pick the fabric, around 100 different ones so I don’t have a lot of repeats. I’m also going to cut out little squares of batting to give it a little poof. King size with all that denim it’s going to weigh a ton and be super durable.




I really, really want to learn to make piecework quilts. I’ve found some instructions and am going to give it a go. I’m going to start with hexagons made from cut up thrift store shirts or ties.