1 days to 50

Almost there

I’ve had a hard time blogging and doing anything social media lately. I only know a handful of people, and I have small hands, so sometimes it makes me feel lonely to post. Not lonely and depressed about it, just lonely. All I need when this happens is to remember I do the things I do because I like to do them. It’s fun to share experiences but I do the things I do because I enjoy doing them. Traveling in Knitwit (van) makes me feel amazing. It’s small and has everything I need or want in it. I’ve decided that my birthday is all about a year of traveling in it. So after Friday I’m going to focus on blogging about my travels, big and small. Just back from trip to Portland for some more work on my sleeve. I’m trying really hard to only do the things that bring me happiness. It’s a hard path. Sometimes you have to go through the sadness to get to the happiness. I’m ready to be 50 and grateful to be alive.


39 days to 50


Zima enjoying the sunshine while I work on my rainbow trout sock. Picked up some fresh ink Portland. Thank you Anna


45 days to 50


Finished my test knit for Paige

This was a fun knit and a well written pattern. Pretty sure I never want to do the trinity stitch again though, lol. So much trinity!

Zima had her first sleepover in the Knitwit and did really well. Funny how Katie, RIP, and Zima sit the same while they’re co piloting.