Knitting, chemo and art

I’m happy so say I have some projects on the needles. I’ve had this super plush, double knit blanket I’ve been working on for years. It’a alpaca and sooooo soft. I was only 4 skeins short of finishing it and I’m not really sure why I stopped. Maybe it was around the time we moved. Anyway it’s almost done. Pictures coming when it’s finished.

I’m also working on a scarf for Wendy, she is a dear friend and does my hair. She is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. She puts so much love and energy into everything she does and is truly a treasure. She invited me to Maui in January and I’m really hoping to make it. I picked this very special hand dyed, lace weight, silk for her project. I’m knitting it in a simple seed stitch pattern to show off the pretty color and give it a flowing texture. It’s going to look great with her pretty blond hair. Her daughter Danielle is also my waxer, although I won’t need her services until my hair grows back:)


I picked some yarn in different textures to make a slouchy hat. Something to cover the back of my neck a bit more as I lose my hair.


Taby’s been working on some art in her graphic arts class. The teacher assigned them a monster to draw in markers. Not her favorite medium but she did great. Her idea was a monster was trying to give a child candy on halloween but scared them instead, they dropped their candy basket and ran away.


Her next assignment is to layout a pest control company add. So far she’s been working on her cockroach.

A rare picture of the artist herself. If she would just smile you’d seen her great dimples!
Chemo is moving right along. I was a bit disappointed to  learn that I was getting 8 more rounds then I thought. I thought it was once every other week for 8 weeks then weekly for 4 weeks but it’s weekly for 12 weeks after. That puts my into March. So if that result goes well I’ll have surgery for my birthday in April and then Radiation by June, chemo again come August. It’s going to be a long year. Was really cool to have the port for chemo and the blood draws. One poke and I’m poked up. No sickness yet other then the cold I’m stilling fighting from last weekend. Hoping for a walk this afternoon.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Just the phrase “silk lace weight” puts me in a happy place.

    Thanks for posting. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping it is going ok.

    All this chemo and radiation makes me think of Peter Parker and the possibility of super spider powers. Any chance you could receive the doses via a radio active arachnid??!

    Hmmm . . . maybe Tab could draw a picture of that particular spider. (loved her monster drawing!!!)

  2. Things are going good at this end. Only issue I’m having is a metallic taste in my mouth. Keeping foods simple and staying hydrated like crazy. Think I’m through the woods on this one, well see how the cumulative effects stack up as I get more chemo. Crossing my fingers. It’s felt really good to have some knitting on the needles for sure.

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