Little energy

Still no tummy troubles so I think I’m out of the woods on this round of chemo. Still battling the cold I got last week before my infusion. Pulled myself up today and went for a walk. A very slow 2 mile walk, just to stretch out a bit. I feel like I’m still being very guarded with my movements around my port. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a odd feeling. My upper back and neck are pretty stiff come end of day from not moving how I should. Tomorrow I will practice relaxing and stretching my shoulders back. I’m sure it’s a combo of my cold and chemo but I am wiped out this afternoon. Zero energy. My chores are done so it’ll be a early night to bed. Going to shoot for a very short, slow run on Saturday. I had this soft pink yarn and decided to knit it up into a little toddler hat with owls around it. Just need to add some button eyes. Have a bit if yarn left over and might make some little mittens to match. I connect my mittens for little ones with a eye cord so you don’t lose one. You run the mitten up one sleeve of the jacket and down the other, that way if one slips off it just dangles there.



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