Last day…..

with hair, if you can call what’s left hair. I’m really okay with it because it means the chemos working. Haven’t been sick from it at all, just tired a few days after. Finishing up some knitting and feeling like I’m ready for the holidays. I know one holiday at a time but I’m really into decorating and baking this year. Last year was all about stress dealing with MS and it’s craziness. I’m a lot more calm about the cancer. Fell like I got myself into good shape mentally and physically after the new year and am pretty settled. Thus making cancer seem not so scary. Won’t have hair until until after June, longer if they do chemo again after surgery and radiation. I’m grateful I have a small head. Don’t get me wrong I am emotional about my hair but not really for me, for the way it makes other people feel when they look at me. I don’t want to see sad faces!


2 Thoughts.

  1. Not cold but it does feel odd having the air pass right onto your head. A bit refreshing really. I’ve got some great head wraps but have no issues going without. Losing my eyebrows and lashes are going to suck! Hopefully they just thin and it’s said they grow back way faster then the hair on your head. Dogs are looking at me funny.

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