Fear me cancer cause I’m a badass

I could read this 100 times and never tire of it. Thanks again Timmy. Love ya like brother!

“Danelle Murphy does not just look fear in the eye, she walks up to fears front door and knocks it down. She walks in, looks around, and before she sits in fears favorite chair and puts her muddy running shoes on fears furniture, she slaps fear right in the face and says, my name is Danelle now get me a beer!”

Let me repeat this “I will never ever give up. I will fight strong with my head held high, with my feet on the ground and with all the strength I carry with me. You think you can get me, but I’m stronger then you think”

“Cancer is just a reminder that life is really precious. So many people lose focus on what life really is about. Everyone needs to rid themselves of the drama and enjoy everyday you wakeup.”





2 Thoughts.

  1. Ahhh, love the silhouette of those muddy feet and beer. (Spill a bit of that beer on Fear’s coffee table for me!).

    Thought of you today as I knit AND ran!

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