Pattern & yarn review Rondelay By Jennifer Dassauimage
& Malabrigo Mechita; color 866 Diana

purchased at Pinchknitter.

 Love this pattern. Very well written and I even got over my fear of short row shaping. I avoid patterns that say “seamed” or “short row shaping”. My two least favorite things when it comes to knitting! Quick knit yet challenging enough to not put you to sleep.

Malabrigo yarn. Need I say anymore? I’ve knit with many different weights of this yarn and have never been disappointed. My only fyi about this yarn is if your knitting a large project, like a sweater, and using multiple skeins of yarn in the same dye lot, I would alternate every few rows so you don’t end up with pooling. You can actually plan pooling into a pattern but that’s a post for another day.

Pooling is a term for when colors group together in a visible and strong pattern.

If you wish to prevent pooling, randomness is key. You may wish to alternate two skeins every other row, so as to break up repeats. Please note: alternating exactly every other row is also a pattern, so pooling might still be noticeable. Try and keep your alternating more random.


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