Eternally optimistic

Here she goes again! Starting Feb 13 I’ll start preparing for a 30 day juice fast. I’ve heard it all before, “You won’t get enough protein!”, “You’re starving yourself!” Do some research and decide for yourself. What I believe is what matters to me. I’m going to do a bookend approach. Three days raw vegan, 2 days smoothies, 30 days juice, 2 days smoothies, 3 days raw vegan. From there I may continue raw vegan or start incorporating raw/cooked vegan. Ya ya, I still wear leather etc but I’ve decided meat is not healthy for my diet. Know what else doesn’t work for me? Gluten! Man I love my bread and pasta but the gluten makes my skin turn into one big rash. Combine that with  the itchy feeling I get from MS and it’s enough to drive me crazy. Dairy also is a no go. Hard to believe I survived working on a dairy farm. I’m sure over the next few days I’ll be saying goodbye to some food groups by eating them, lol. I’m sure I’ll be drinking too much. It sounds unhealthy but it puts me in a good mental place when I wake up feeling like shit. Pretty motivating. I’ll be sharing my recipes, how I’m feeling and probably the color of my poop. Okay maybe not my poop but I’ll try to keep it interesting. Growing my hair out too. Fuck you cancer. I’m trying to think of a good knitting project to start while I’m doing it. Maybe I should pick back up my denim quilt project. I follow a few people that are super motivating and I’ll be adding links above as well as removing some that feel obsolete to me now. Cleaning house and keeping it simple. So cheers it’s Friday and I’ll be seeing you Monday.



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