104 days to 50

Today I decided to put Christmas away. I normally wait until after New Years to do it but it felt right to do it tonight. I don’t make New Years resolutions per say, I make New Years intentions. Focusing back on what worked, what didn’t and what I completely fucked up on. 😔

I did really well with self care today….until I drink 6 beers. There’s always tomorrow right?!

I’ve two knitting projects I’d like to finish before the new year;

This is a mermaid tail lapgan for a beautiful women I have much respect for. It’s her theme for a cottage she’s remodeling in Nova Scotia. When I’m done it’ll be complete with a flipper.

I also got distreacted by a simple night cap pattern as I had the perfect yarn for it. Loving the way the colors flow together.

Went to the grocery store in my slippers today, by accident and I didn’t really care, but it was funny.


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