78 days to 50

So so hard to be consistent!

I really want to consistent. I’ve pulled back from a lot of the clutter in my physical space as well as my mental space. If it doesn’t make me feel good I don’t need it. So here’s a quick catch up;

Finished another Afrato cowl and started another. This is such a mindless pattern that I think I’ll always have one going in the back ground.

I’ve sewn the ends in the rows that are complete. Still about 1080 more squares to go.

And this happened. This is Zima (winter). She’s a 12 week old Blue Heeler. I’m in love❤️

So today’s card was Initiation, reversed. What do I think this means for me today? Patience, constancy and perseverance. Stay centered. It’s all about Zima. Do not rob myself of the true present. This moment will never happen again.


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