A little about me

In the past I have been described as, amazing, inspiring, courageous, incredible, strong and a fighter. I’m sure theres a few more adjectives that have been used but those are the ones that stand out. I did not feel like any of those things at the time, I felt nothing. In the course of two months, summer 2013, I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting  Multiple Sclerosis and advanced breast cancer. I decided to become a runner, right in the middle of the chaos, I…….decided to become a runner. I found a half marathon that fit into my timing between chemo and surgery, I had 7 months during chemo to get ready, it was all I could think about, running would save my life. 


Run like a kid, March 30, 2014

Run Like A Girl wrote;

Yesterday at our race we met someone so incredibly inspiring! She came from across the border to run our half marathon. She was recently diagnosed with MS and breast cancer. She is in a 2 week break from her chemotherapy before her double mastectomy on Tuesday. She ran the run with a photo of Caleb in her hand, the child who lost his life to brain cancer that we did this run for. She said she held his hand the whole time. Her strength and spirit are unbreakable… She is a truly incredible woman. We are deeply inspired.

A very dear friend Tim Hanowell wrote the following;

Danelle Murphy does not just look fear in the eye, she walks up to fears front door and knocks it down. She walks in, looks around, and before she sits in fears favorite chair and puts her muddy running shoes on fears furniture, she slaps fear right in the face and says, my name is Danelle now get me a beer!

So who am I? I’m a badass, lol. I love to knit and I loved to run. Time to dust off my sneakers and get back at it!

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